4 facts about lithium batteries

403b97021d193a5efc0f632d2ea481d5New video from OptiMate explains why lithium batteries require special care.

Increasingly popular as factory-fitment, particularly on dirt bikes, compact and light Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries are a popular choice for replacing lead acid batteries on road and track bikes too.

Considerably more expensive than the lead acid units they’re designed to replace, Li-ion batteries are particularly vulnerable to damage and failure if they’re not treated and maintained correctly.

OptiMate – battery charging experts and creators of a range of specific Lithium chargers – have produced a short video to explain four key facts about lithium batteries and how they differ from traditional lead acid units:

  • They go flat quicker in a stored vehicle and need charging more frequently
  • They deliver a higher voltage range
  • They need a low current to recover safely, rather than a high current to start charging
  • They need accurate charge control and suffer critical damage above 14.6V

See the video here: https://youtu.be/edM1KPThP4k