Round 4 of BHRs 2012 championship.

There used to be a “Lord of Lydden”.
BHRs Rob Walker and his ‘Yellow Velos’ should lay claim to the title with 5 wins and a second place out of seven races at round 4 of BHRs 2012 championship.

First blood came in the first race of the day with a convincing win over the Rocket 3 of Tim Woolley in the Morris Lubricants Championship on his ‘Big’ Venom & to show that he meant business there were further wins on the ‘little’ Velo in both of Saturdays’ Bob Newby Championship races. We welcomed competitors from France for the Gold Star Club Race and they gave us a 1,2,3 with Christian Vite leading the pack. The BEARS races saw determined riding on the part of Ron Maul, Austen Kear and Rob Lawton in the first of Saturday’s races whilst Stacey Killworth kept his Triton ahead of the pack to clinch the second. Mervyn Stratford’s remarkable Rudge was successful in the first leg of the Economy Appliances Championship race and harried the delightful Benelli of Belgian visitor Rik Wambacq in the second. The Scooter races provided the usual level of mayhem with the first race postponed due to a flurry of red flags. When they took to the track again it was the extraordinary ‘Zip’ of Scott Chapman who took the flag in front of similarly mounted Damon Tunnicliffe. Guy Topper led the BSSO Scooters on his very skeletal Lambretta with Jon Uffindell’s more conventional looking machine right behind him.

We had two Berkeleys and the legendary ‘Mogvin’ in the 3-wheelers- together with the remarkable scooter sidecar of John Howe. Sid Ormrod taking the flag in both of the Saturday races Sidecar racing at Lydden always provides plenty of excitement with Dave Aungier, Denis Whitehouse and Dennis Etheridge all in close contention with Chris Wickett joining in the fun in the second race.
The Scooters had another go at Race 5 and managed to stay upright on the track for lap 1 at least. The results were the same as for race 14 but the ferocious pace resulted in many retirements.
There is plenty of life in the “old uns” as the Bonhams over 50’s race saw the magnificent sounding Rocket 3 of Tim Woolley chased home by Scott Harris and Ron Maul on ’Helga’. There was some keen mid-field dicing between Ian Gibson, Nigel Clark and Michael Hunter to excite the spectators &
on Sunday Rob Walker continued where he left off with wins in both the Morris Lubricants Championship races. Rik Wambacq could not quite hold the flying Rudge of Mervyn Stratford and Jack Scrivener’s Greeves was right behind him in the 250 specials Championship race.

Sunday’s race 23 – the Royal Enfield Championship – is the ‘Big One’ with Chris Firmin being absent it was left to Austen Kear to take the flag with that man Walker in hot pursuit.
Sid Ormrod kept up his winning ways in the cyclecar and three-wheeler races with Ian Champ’s Windle Imp keeping him on his toes. The Sidecar races saw determined driving with closely fought victories for Dennis Etheridge and David Aungier.
It was ‘as you were’ in Sunday’s BEARS races with Stacey Killworth guiding his big Triton to the flag in both races with the usual suspects of Ron Maul & Austen Kear with Rob Lawton hard on his heels.
A good weekend of close, exciting racing on a delightful ‘scratchers circuit’ in the “Garden of England”

BHR Calendar 2012 (Rounds Remaining)-
Darley Moor 11/12 August, Cadwell Park 29/30 September

BHR Spectator Parades
BHR will be holding ACU “PR5” & “PR6” Parades at all of the above meetings. PR5 Spectator Parades give the opportunity to ride your road bike on the circuits having complied with the rules governing these parades. PR6 Race Parades are for Race Machines only and require an ACU Race or Parade license. Certain Road license types are also permissible. Further details on all the above from BHR Secretary Gerry Daine on 01472 697953 or e-mail