1977 Yamaha TZ250

A variety of classic 250cc bikes for sale right now

We’ve got the 250cc motorcycle on our mind today, probably thanks to looking at the beauties that belong to the ABC stable.

At the other end of the spectrum are our friends at Unit5Motos.

They’ve been busy over Christmas buying bikes and fetching them back to the UK. Their Romford base is crammed with fresh stock this week.

There’s a real variety of 250cc machines in this week. Here’s our pic of the Unit5 crop.Kawasaki KR250

Kawasaki KR250:

Showing only 9,691 kms from new, this rarity is from a private collection. It’s been unused for 10 years, that’s kept the mileage down, but means it’ll need so jobs doing.

For £2,895 it’s one of the funkiest ways to spend your money.

Suzuki T250 race/parade bike.

The looks are pure 1970s, an air cooled two stroke that’s wrapped up in a racing package.Suzuki T250 race / parade bike

The peashooter exhausts are going to be too loud for UK tracks!


Suzuki TS250Suzuki TS250

A real retro looking scrambler, this unrestored bike is showing its age in places, but who cares!

A proper cool two stroke for less than the price of a new Chinese 125.


Yamaha TZ250

1977 Yamaha TZ250A real icon of the track, this TZ250 is a 1977 model. Fresh from a private collection this is the real deal.


Yamaha TZ250 project

Bit of a bitsa this one, but far too special to break up for parts. The chassis is from a 1983 model, it’s been mated to an engine from a 1986 model. A great project!

Yamaha TZ250 project£4,995


If you’ve seen anything you fancy give them a call 01708 372122. Tell them we sent you.