Yamaha TZR250 YPVS

ABC of Classic Bikes

KR1-SThe ABC stable is a private collection of Japanese motorcycles from the 80s and 90s, at the last count there was around eighty classic bikes on the books.

At least ten of those are classic 250cc two strokes. The most recent addition was a Suzuki RG250 MK1, it’s totally stock and perfect.

At the opposite end of the Suzuki scale there’s an immaculate RGV250 with less than 700 miles recorded, it’s been registered to the ABC stable from new.

TZR250There’s no shortage of Yamaha 250 two strokes, everything from a quirky R1-Z to several TZR250 race reps. There’s even a reverse cylinder 3MA model and the last of the line v twin model.

Another purchase in 2017 was a one owner Kawasaki KR1-S, this is currently in track day trim, although the road parts came with it.

Not all of the bikes are standard, the rainbow warrior TDR250 was stripped and rebuilt a few years back, allowing for some subtle upgrades.

ABC have kindly invited us to use their bikes for some features for our website, an offer we are excited to accept!

RG250 RGV250 TDR250 IMG_6223 Yamaha TZR250 Yamasha R1-Z Suzkui RGV250 Kawasaki KR-1 Kawasaki KR250 Yamaha TZR250 YPVS IMG_6233 Yamaha RZ-R