scabby to slabby

After a flying start we’ve hit the buffers with Scabby to Slabby

motorbike classified ads classic bike classifiedsThe harder that I look the less I find, where have all the cheap bikes gone?

There’s many selling pages on Facebook for those who want to flog their old bike, I know because I’m registered on most of them. Since selling the CZ125 earlier in the week I’ve not managed to reinvest my funds, boohoo!

Ebay isn’t that well suited to people who want to sell a cheapie, their fees are high plus it’s getting tougher to buy things at a cheaper price from those auction listings. The minute you end an auction and sell outside of Ebay to that buyer that’s been haggling via Ebay message, you’ll get a telling off from Ebay admin. Yes, they do see all of your messages, and the minute you end an listing they’re on your case. Do it once and you’ll get told off, do it twice and you have to sit on the naughty step for a week whilst Ebay restrict your account.

I won’t let my impatience consume me, I’m pretty sure that something will present itself, when it does you’ll be the first to know.

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