Aprilia RS125

Aprilia RS125 – Welcome To The Cheap Seats

Aprilia RS125We don’t just read the ads, we buy them! Fresh in this week is this unloved Aprilia RS125. Us of a certain age all grew up with L plates slapped to our RD, AR, NS and RG 125s. Inner city 125s were always two strokes, only the teens with sensible parents ended up with four stroke 125cc offerings.

A decade later and not much had changed, race rep strokers were still the only way to wear your L plates with style. By now the Italian’s had improved their game, and their delicious styling often fooled folk into thinking that they were more than merely a 125. Prices for 80s 125s have gone mental in recent years, this is now rolling over into 90s bikes too. This rather sorry looking RS125 hasn’t been used since 2008! It’s very much a project bike. The seller offered no info on its past, they were pleased to see the back of it! Other than some missing bodywork it looks mostly intact.

early Aprilia RS125 2-strokeRocking the bike in gear even gives me hope that there’s some healthy compression inside that Rotax motor. The fuel tank is all good, thanks to being made of plastic! Plastic is crap for the environment and the oceans of the world, but it’s great for poorly stored motorcycle tanks. The V5 and keys are long lost, the 12 year old tax disc is another nod to how things used to be. I can’t be the only person that actually misses the thrill of fitting a new tax disc, can I? Sticking a value on its head is tricky, every project bike is a potential money pit, this RS125 is no different.

I reckon it’s worth around £400 ish complete, or a bit more if you broke it up for parts? Who knows, it might even start with fresh fuel and a fettle!

early Aprilia RS125 last taxed 2008"