Auction of special bikes in Australia

Auction of special bikes in Australia

Auction of special bikes in AustraliaA Major motorcycle auction will be held by an Australian auction house, GDL Auctions on the 1st June 2012. The auction will include a variety of motorcycles including some very early and desirable Indian and Harley Davidson machines. The bikes were collected by the late Arthur Francis PARKER Jnr who was allways known as Bill. He grew up as a native of Colac, Victoria where his father sparked his passion for the machines. The family at the time were the proprietors of Parkers Motor Garage. This was a major garage which specialised in the sale of Indian motorcycles. Many bikes were sold in the region at this time as an agent for Milledge Bros, Melbourne. Indian motorcycles became a popular choice, particulary in the post war era. In the early years, PARKER Snr rode Indians in hill climbing events at Red Rock near Colac, Tower Hill near Warnambool and alongside his brother, Percy racing at Mortlake, north of Warnambool.

It was almost fate that Bill PARKER followed in his father’s footsteps. His early machines included a 1942 AJS and a side valve BMW during the war which he used to ride to work. Other machines purchased included Harley Davidson, Excelsior, Henderson, Triumph, Douglas and Norton. He never at any stage purchased a new machine, however he worked on many. While he never restored one to a wholy original appearance, he appreciated the “as found” patina and challenge of maintaining the originality of all his bikes. Bill and his brother John both shared the passion for the hobby of motorcycles. Once, after the war they rode to Darwin together to purchase machines from the Army Disposal Sales.

With his interest looming, Bill did not begin to seriously collect old bikes and gramophones until around 1960. However, By 1970 he was riding a 1951 BMW twin and had diversified his interest in the hobby. This bike is featured in the upcoming sale.

By 1982, the Parker family’s Colac collection had risen to approximately 60 cars and 60 motorcycles. A number of these were purchased through auction personally by Bill. Some of his finds over the years included a rare single cylinder OHV Harley Peashooter, an 8 valve Indian, a two stroke Indian and a very rare Stanley Steamer car.

Bill sadly passed away in August, 2011. His legacy still lives on and can be seen through his impressive collection. Bill did not just collect motorcycles – he also had a keen eye for memorabilia, hot air engines, stationery engines and gramophones. Bill’s whole collection will now be sold back to others with the same passion and drive for all things mechanical or otherwise.

This impressive and diverse collection of veteran machines will no doubt attract interest both within Australia and from international bidders (who are most welcome to participate).