Auritech ear plugs

Auritech reminds riders of hearing risks from riding unprotected

Auritech ear plugsMotorcycle riders are risking permanent damage to their hearing by not wearing
proper ear protection according to Auritech, one of the leading manufacturers of
intelligent hearing protection, but the good news is that specialist earplugs are
available to reduce the risk and enhance the riding experience.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) can occur when exposed to long or repeated
sounds 85 decibels (dB) or above, with prolonged exposure seriously increasing the
risk of tinnitus, a permanent form of ringing in the ears. Riding a motorcycle at
motorway speeds regularly exposes the rider to wind noise exceeding the safe

For example, riding at 62mph typically generates a wind noise of 95dB, which can
cause permanent damage after 15 minutes, while an increase to 74mph increases the
wind noise to 98dB and is harmful after just seven minutes of exposure. The
research, carried out by Germany’s ADAC, (Germany’s automobile association) also
showed that riding at 140kph (87mph) was harmful after just three minutes.

Wendy Faulkner, Director of Appia Healthcare, owner of the Auritech brand which
specialises in producing filtered ear plugs designed specifically for
motorcyclists, explained that specially designed products for motorcyclists can
not only reduce harmful noise but enhance both the riding experience and road
safety by retaining the sounds required to maintain situational awareness.

She said: “Many motorcyclists are not aware of the dangers of riding without
hearing protection while others may have tried wearing foam ear plugs but didn’t
like them. These cheaper ear plugs do a good job of blocking out sound but can
often place the rider in a ‘bubble’ and make them feel removed from the
environment around. With Auritech we have developed a patented ceramic filter,
which allows the ‘good’ noise to pass through while reducing harmful wind noise.
This not only reduces the risk of damage to the wearer but should also enhance the
riding experience and road safety by allowing them to hear the sounds around them,
such as traffic noise, horns, police sirens and the revving of their engine.”

Auritech’s dedicated Biker earplugs feature a tri-section cone design to ensure a
snug fit for a wide range of wearers. The plugs have been designed to fit most
people (with ear canals from between 6mm and 12mm) and are constructed from a
silicone-free thermoplastic that is both long lasting and comfortable. The
patented venturi-shaped ceramic filter is specifically formed for the relevant
attenuation value, meaning that unpleasant and damaging wind noise is filtered
out, while allowing wearers to clearly hear regular conversation either face to
face or through an intercom.

Auritech Biker ear plugs cost £19.95 and can be purChased from leading motorcycle
accessory retailers or online from