Suzuki XR45

Barry Sheene’s Suzuki RG500 XR-45

Suzuki XR45arry Sheene raced many bikes during his career, mostly he’s associated with all things Suzuki, there were a few other brands along the way but itvwas upon his beloved Suzuki that he ended his GP days. He raced this Suzuki RG500 during 1984 500 Grand Prix (now MotoGP) season.

This machine is now a regular sight at classic racing events not just in the UK, but much further afield too. Those of you with an eagle eye and a Suzuki anorak will notice that the rear wheel isn’t the original 16 inch item that the XR45 would of used, it’s just been converted to now use an 18 inch Dymag, this is mostly due to 16-inch race rubber being nigh on impossible to find. The rest of the machine is authentic, other than fresh paint and parts changed in the name of safety.

For the record, the Suzuki XR45 gave Sheene his last GP podium, with a third place in Kyalami. It also gave him his last win in the UK at Scarborough’s Oliver’s Mount the same year, before his return to classic racing in the 1990s.

Suzuki RG500Barry Sheene’s Suzuki RG500 XR-45 RG500