Suzuki speedway bike

Big in Japan – Suzuki speedway bike

Suzuki speedway bikeThere’s no shortage of JAP powered speedway motorcycles, what’s rarer is a Japanese speedway bike. This recently arrived at the Unit5Motos workshop in deepest Essex, well Romford.

Tony Greenslade isn’t going to be selling it on anytime soon, instead he wants to do some research on the bike and get it running.

So, what is it?

Tony filled us in on what he knows so far. “It’s a Japanese Auto Race Bike.
Japan’s answer to speedway, well more a night at the dogs, as betting on the riders is a huge draw for the crowds.

JAP powered speedway motorcycle engineThis one is a post 1993 bike with a Suzuki AR600 engine. These engines were built by Suzuki for this purpose. It has a two speed gearbox and the bent bars are meant to be like that.
There’s no CDI unit on it at the moment, but we are hoping to sort that very soon and fire it up. We will start cleaning it up soon and then find somewhere to display it”.

If anyone knows more about these bikes, please drop me us or Tony a line.


JAP powered speedway motorcycle JAP powered speedway motorcycle bike