Bikers Classics

Bikers Classics – A marvellous birthday

Due to the passing through of the Tour de France in Francorchamps and the expected traffic troubles, most of the fans of classic bikes decided to join the 10th edition of the Bikers’ Classics on Saturday.

A birthday that was celebrated as it should throughout the entire weekend : in a grandiose way !

With a very emotional moment when the 500 participants started the 14 km long parade on the old track, lead by Freddie Spencer himself, the charming champion who was very open to everyone.

An exceptional event that was made possible thanks to the comprehension and collaboration of the mayors of Stavelot and Malmedy, and that brought back some very good memories to lots of riders. To others, the younger ones, it offered the occasion to discover the Grand Prix track as it was in Belgium in the sixties.

The CSBK offered a big portion of adrenaline as did the parade of the Superbikes, the category that was honoured this year !

Many ex-champions from this category were very willing to play along and did not hesitate top open the throttle to the full like they used to in the past.

A magnificent prologue to the 4 Hours of Spa Classic, the endurance race for motorcycles built before 1980.

A spectacular race that was breathtaking till the very last moment, the last ten minutes of the race could have come straight from a Hitchkock movie, with as a result an international podium worth the public and the participants of the Bikers’ Classics.

And then there were also the many activities that were very much appreciated by the visitors, especially the beautiful Ducati exhibition.

Activities, races, champions and beautiful motorcycles, which we will see again on the 5th, 6th and 7th of July 2013 for another even more spectacular 11th edition of the Bikers’ Classics!