Nick ridden

Britain’s Best All Round Motorcyclist Rides at the Thundersprint

Nick Jefferies - 1993 Formula 1 winnerNot only has Nick ridden in everything from trials, enduros, motocross and road racing he has been a winner at international level – and he’s also a committed long distance road rider too.

His fondest memory from 45 years of competition is his win in the 1993 Formula 1 race. Nick said: “Well, I think anyone who has come second at the TT 8 times would feel like they should have won more than one but 1993 was the year it all came good for me. The Honda RC30 was a great bike, and I was riding well, so I felt that I deserved to stand on the top step of the podium.”

Nick Jefferies - 350 CCM - 1978 Perce Simon trialIn an era of superstars with supersized egos Nick is refreshingly modest and down to earth. “At heart, I am an enthusiast, who has always liked to go and ride for the hell of it, rather than saying ‘How much are you paying?’

“I actually think that we are privileged as riders and doubly privileged if spectators are kind enough to show an interest in what we do.

“This is one of the attractions of the Thundersprint. The atmosphere will be great, I’ve got an immaculate and lovingly prepared bike in Phil Morris’ V&M Yamaha and I will have the chance to meet fans personally – as well as having a play about on the track. What could be better?”

Thundersprint organiser Frank Melling said: “I have known Nick for 40 years now and we have always got on very well. He is a very special person, in so many ways both on and off the bike, and I am more than certain that he will be one of our most popular riders.”