Bull-it SR6 Vintage Blue Jeans Review

Bull-it SR6 Vintave JeansBull-it jeans SR6 jeans are offered with Covec (a new alternative to kevlar) 600 gsm which offer +6 seconds of abrasion resistance, surpassing the CE EN 13595-1 Level 1 Impact Abrasion Resistance Test.


Covec Limited is a highly specialised creator of technical textiles that are being used in performance-crucial garments worldwide and the Covec™ materials are already catching the attention of organisations such as NASA and the FIM.


  • Tested to 6 seconds (how long the jeans will protect the rider before wearing through)
  • 60% coverage
  • Compatible with EM 1621 approved hip, shoulder, chest, elbow, back and knee armour
  • High melting point
  • Breathable
  • Water repellant
  • High chemical resistance
  • Non flamable

The SR6 jeans come in a wide range of colours (14 different styles!), 30-36 leg length and 30-54 waist.

RRP £129.99.

For more information go to bull-it.com.

The Review

Bull-it are a relatively new entrant to the motorcycle jeans market (launched in 2006) but already they have achieved high standards and their jeans have reached excellent European safety standards.

We tested the jeans during the end of the summer/early autumn (September/October) and they kept us nice and warm during our 30-minute commute to the office, although it was unusually warmer temperatures than we are probably used to (12 degrees in the morning, rising to 16/17 degrees in the evening).

In summary we found the jeans offer a very good level of protection for the rider, are priced reasonably and look nice and casual too. The optional armour also fits well.

We only have one (slightly) negative thing to say – and that is that our heel often catches in the internal webbing when we are removing the trousers.

Highly recommended by us and five stars…