Call the fashion polite

IMG_7552Let’s be clear from the off, the sole purpose of this garment is to fool other road users that you’re a copper.

Other than fooling the odd dyslexic driver that you are indeed a boy in blue why else would you pull on a vest with POLITE stamped over it?

There’s plenty of reasons to wear a high viz vest on the roads, in recent years it’s gone from hi viz green to a pinky colour. It appears our minds have become polluted by so much hiz viz in our day to day lives that we stop actually noticing the traditional green shades. More and more you see biker’s pulling on a pinky purple hi viz over coat.

The POLITE vest can divide a room a bikers quicker than any other subject. Do you own one? Would you wear one? Do you want people to think that you’re a traffic cop? That’s especially for those who compliment the POLITE vest with a white flip up helmet and an ageing Honda Pan European or similar.

I don’t wear a POLITE vest, do you?