Kawasaki KR500

Kawasaki has had a fleeting romance with premier class of GP racing over the last thirty odd years or so, first of all during the early seventies with Dave Simmons and Ginger Malloy on the air-cooled, roadster based triples and then with a full on radical design for a short period during the turn of the eighties before returning in more recent times with a four stroke Moto GP machine.


Foale Z1 Kawasaki

Riding the Foale framed machine back to back with the virtually standard chassis race bike was quite an eye opener. The same day of this test I had also thoroughly enjoyed punting a relatively standard Z1 around the fast and challenging Mallory Park circuit and treated its foibles as simply the way seventies bikes went about their job.


Yamaha XS1100 Road Test

Yamaha’s 70s flying machine – Living life to XS Yamaha were late arriving at the big bike party, an early attempt, with a heavy and dated 750cc triple, saw them at the rear of the performance race but that was…


Honda CB400/Four Road Test

With all of the attributes of a two-wheeled sewing machine this bike won the hearts of the real riders back in the late 70’s and still makes perfect sense for a variety of reasons 30 years on. Built around well-established…


Honda MT125R

The MT 125 is a factory produced race bike quite unlike any other with its road going brakes and motocross engine. Contrasting virtually every other race or indeed any form of bike that had previously left the Japanese Honda factory the MT uses many components from a variety of road and MX based machines.


Honda NS400R Road Test

Honda goes two stroke Although known for their fine four-stoke creations, Honda did, for a short period at least, produce one of the finest road going strokers too. Never the fastest, but certainly the nicest to ride, the NS triple…


Benelli 900Sei Road Test

He who steals from a thief Argentinean entrepreneur, Alejandro de Tomaso harbored a hatred of the Japanese and their copying ways. With Honda having borrowed heavily from the Italians during the 50’s and 60’s on their way to world dominance,…