Agrati Garelli KL50 5V Cross Road Test

It wasn’t all fizzers in the 70’s, the Italians had a fair bit to say on the subject too. CP catches up with a cracking Garelli to see what all of the fuss is about.
The KL50 had been around for some time on the continent but hadn’t made an appearance in the UK due to the legal requirement for all learner legal sixteener specials to have pedal power.


Garelli Tiger Cross II

In the 70’s, Fizzies ruled the roost; there can be no doubt that, the Yamaha outnumbered the rest. Suzuki AP50’s and Honda SS50’s proved a great support act but none of these could hold a candle to a Garelli on song. The stylish yellow and black machines turned heads wherever the piston port motor belched its hollow tune.


Garelli Tiger Restoration

Ian Ritchie, is a 45-year-old mechanical fitter at the Corus steel plant in Scunthorpe who is living the dreams he had as a teenager, well the ones relating to motorcycles at least. He has been restoring classic cars, motorcycles and Lambretta scooters for many years, Ian adds, “My main hobby is working in my workshop, on my collection or helping out friends with their restorations.