Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson XR1200 Road Test

We look back at the bike that seemed to have it all – Harley’s XR1200… Styling is a big thing with bikes and Harley-Davidson has had some notable successes over their more than 115 years in the bike-building business… Think…


Harley Davidson XR750 Flat Tracker

Standing back at shows, it is strange to see so many people stop and look at a machine that never performed in the UK. A bike that dominated a sport we know little or nothing about, but the fact is they do indeed pay their respects to the mighty XR750.


Harley Davidson Sportster

All in the name of sport? The American way of doing things When the Sportster was first introduced back in 1957, performance wise, at least, there was little around to touch it. With a genuine top speed a shade over…