Harris Magnum II CB900F

Visually, at least, a Harris Magnum takes a bit of getting used to. The frame dominates the proceedings, intertwined around the engine like a pair of newfound lovers. The act is indeed an intimate one with those sturdy frame tubes passing within millimetres of the engine, holding on to every movement of the cycle parts and power plant with a grip verging on overkill. The result is precision seldom seen in production motorcycles that have to pamper many whims and needs. The Magnum has a single purpose, to carve a line into a series of corners, take it or leave it.


Honda CBX1000 Restoration

70’s six pack, Honda CBX1000Z This stunning example was Kevin Murphy’s first real attempt at a restoration and what a job he made of it, being as near perfect as possible while still remaining a practical day-to-day ride too. Owner…


Honda CB400/Four Road Test

With all of the attributes of a two-wheeled sewing machine this bike won the hearts of the real riders back in the late 70’s and still makes perfect sense for a variety of reasons 30 years on. Built around well-established…


Honda MT125R

The MT 125 is a factory produced race bike quite unlike any other with its road going brakes and motocross engine. Contrasting virtually every other race or indeed any form of bike that had previously left the Japanese Honda factory the MT uses many components from a variety of road and MX based machines.


Honda NS400R Road Test

Honda goes two stroke Although known for their fine four-stoke creations, Honda did, for a short period at least, produce one of the finest road going strokers too. Never the fastest, but certainly the nicest to ride, the NS triple…