Kawasaki GPz900R Impulse Purchase!

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Kawasaki GPz600R – The Forgotten Superbike

There are lots of occasions throughout history when the wrong guy is credited with a break through or important event. Certainly while researching this article my recollections of events where challenged constantly. There are lots of references to the GPX 600, both in books and on the web but precious little about the bike that started it all, the GPZ 600.


Kawasaki Z1 v Honda CB750

History tells us that the first machine that we now know as a Superbike was the CB750 and if you look no further in the annals of time than that then all is well. Honda only got there by the skin of their teeth however, as lurking in the wings during the same period was Kawasaki’s much higher specification, 750cc four cylinder machine that unfortunately was being so rigorously developed and tested it missed the limelight by the merest of whiskers.


Kawasaki H2

If the arrival of the H1 triple had established Kawasaki as a manufacturer of performance motorcycles the H2 750cc triple confirmed it.