Laverada Montjuic Mk1 Restoration

Laverda have a long history of producing great machines but two of their finest have origins in the UK, the 500cc Montjuic and the 1000cc Jota being products of the Slater brothers and their involvement in production racing during the 70’s and 80’s. We catch up with one man who shares this passion having restored many a Laverda over the last 20 years or so.


Laverda Montjuic Mk1 Road Test

Fast Orange In 1978 a Laverda Formula 500 racer was imported by the UK Laverda concessionaire, Roger Slater, the man largely responsible for the Jota, who believed that a ‘civilised’ café racer had greater sales potential than the rather lacklustre…


Cropredy Liberator Laverda

The Laverda triples are among the most desirable of all the 70s superbikes. The Breganza battleships really captured the imagination of the biking fraternity with their heady mix of power handling and looks, but it was in the UK where the breed was more highly developed.


Laverda Jota Restoration

Jota, a Spanish dance in triple time, but with an English lilt thanks to the Slater brothers who created the two-wheeled version. The Laverda Jota is the stuff of folklore, a genuine 140mph beast when nothing else was, big, heavy…