Fantic Caballero 50 Road Test

Cast your mind back to 1971 for a minute, as a nine year old I don’t particularly recall the exact events but apparently the government of the day, led by Edward Heath, had changed the rules concerning what a spotty faced youth could legally ride.


Yamaha FS1E Restoration

A true icon of the 70’s the fizzie became the must have for any 16 year old of the period, and now the root of many a mid life crisis and middle age desires too. 48-year-old Tony Collins is a talented paint sprayer, who describes himself as being stuck in a seventies time warp “I love old sports mopeds” he laughs. “I have been restoring and painting cars since I was 17, this all started when a mate of mine wanted stars and stripes on his crash helmet, I do own a Suzuki GT750 as well as the fizzys, but my true love is my Fantic choppers i have four of these to date.


Malaguti Superquattro Road Test

Malaguti have been making stylish small capacity machines since the late 50’s. Although exported throughout the world since that period, the brand didn’t fully appear in the UK until 1974, with the first of a four-model range being introduced to a market place hungry for stylish and fast 50cc machines.


Garelli Tiger Cross II

In the 70’s, Fizzies ruled the roost; there can be no doubt that, the Yamaha outnumbered the rest. Suzuki AP50’s and Honda SS50’s proved a great support act but none of these could hold a candle to a Garelli on song. The stylish yellow and black machines turned heads wherever the piston port motor belched its hollow tune.


Garelli Tiger Restoration

Ian Ritchie, is a 45-year-old mechanical fitter at the Corus steel plant in Scunthorpe who is living the dreams he had as a teenager, well the ones relating to motorcycles at least. He has been restoring classic cars, motorcycles and Lambretta scooters for many years, Ian adds, “My main hobby is working in my workshop, on my collection or helping out friends with their restorations.


Yamaha FS1E “Fizzie” Road Test

Yamaha Fizzie Fifty In the 70s there was but a few thoughts that occupied a young lads mind, of course girls was the major distraction, as was the dream of being a pop star, but getting on the road as…


Honda 50 Cub

The Honda Cub debuted in 1958. The name Cub was said to be the acronym of Cheap Urban Bike because the development of this model was aimed to provide a kind of cheap urban transportation in busy cities. The name…

KTM Comet Gt50

KTM Comet Gt50

The GT Comet can trace its origins back to the early 60s, in 1974 this cosmetically altered model was first imported into England for the growing UK learner market, with a redesigned tank and seat and capable of 50+ mph,…


Honda MT5 Road Test

“Look at the pulling power you can have at 16”, the Honda ad of 1980 claimed, suggesting that buying an MT50 would not only move you around but attract the opposite sex too, bold claims indeed. Chris Pearson delves deeper…


Honda SS50 Restoration

Due to their loyalty to the four-stroke way of doing things, Honda very nearly missed out on the “Ped” revolution during the 70s. While Suzuki and Yamaha threw their hat into the ring with almost identical disc-valve, two-stroke, machinery, the…