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1992 ducati 888
ducati 888 1992
1992 ducati 888 sp4
ducati 888 sp4 1992
for 1992, there were two listed 888 sport production models: the sp4, and sps (sport production special). sharing the bodywork of the 1992 851 strada, they were both monoposto, and while the sp4 retained the engine specifications of the earlier sp3, the sps was almost a corsa with lights. except for a revised cooling system and curved radiator, the engine for the 888 sp4 was much the same as that of the sp3. the higher-specification sps engine included 34 and 30mm valves, with the higher lift inlet camshaft of the 888 corsa. the sps also featured a termignoni racing exhaust system with carbon fiber mufflers. the cooling system was from the corsa, with a lightweight curved radiator and no electric fan. both the 888 sp4 and sps featured the frame of the 1992 851 strada, with revised footpeg mounts and bent outer tubes. the front brakes included brembo gold
1992 ducati 888 sps
ducati 888 sps 1992
liquid cooled, four stroke, 90°“l”twin cylinder, dohc, desmodromic 4 valve per cylinder.
1993 ducati 888 sp0
ducati 888 sp0 1993
the 888 was sold as the 888 spo in the u.s. market, an amalgam of the limited production high-performance sp5,and the european-specification 888 strada. as the sp5 was unable to pass u.s. dot requirements for registration, the spo was created to homologate the 888 for ama superbike competition. while they were titled a sport production, they were more closely related to the 888 strada than the sp5.
1993 ducati 888 sp5
ducati 888 sp5 1993
the final 888 sport production was the 888 sp5 of 1993. with the higher-performance sps engine, but with an sp4 cooling system, this continued to set the performance standard for twin-cylinder motorcycles. all the usual sp features were retained, including twin injectors, pankl con-rods and close-ratio gearbox. there were a few updates on the chassis. the frame and wheels were painted bronze, and a showa front fork replaced the expensive ohlins. there were termignoni carbon-fiber mufflers, a fully floating rear disc brake and braided-steel brake lines. although there have been annual limited higher-performance series since the 888, the 888 sps were different. these machines were loud, hard-edged race replicas offering considerably more performance than an 851 or 888 strada. they were also built in fewer numbers than later sps, and their rarity has resulted in diminished appreciation of their qualities.
1993 ducati 888 strada
ducati 888 strada 1993
as the official factory racers and the sport production series were already displacing 888cc, it was inevitable that the production superbike strada would follow suit. this occurred for 1993, with the series also becoming a generic 888 rather than 851. the 888 also featured pierre terblanche's 851 styling facelift of 1992. the european 888 strada was very similar to that of the 1992 851 strada and, except for an 888cc engine, most of the specifications were shared. they had the same valves, camshafts gearbox, and a single fuel injector per cylinder. to set the 1994 versions apart from the almost identical 1993 model there were new decals.the final 888s also featuring bronze-painted wheels.
1994 ducati 888 sp0
ducati 888 sp0 1994