Ducati Cucciolo

1948 Ducati Cucciolo T2
Ducati Cucciolo T2
Ducati Vilar Cucciolo
Ducati Vilar Cucciolo
During World War II, Ducati developed a small engine mounted on a bicycle, called the Cucciolo ("little puppy") and in 1950 began producing its own complete 98-pound motorcycle with the same name.
1952 ducati cucciolo rocher cyclomoteur
ducati cucciolo rocher cyclomoteur 1952
during the war, aldo farinelli designed and developed a 4-stroke cycle attachment engine with 2-speed gearing. ducati joined another italian company, siata, to manufacture this engine as the cucciolo (little puppy). it was introduced in 1946 as an auxiliary engine in a box. ducati now owned the exclusive rights to the cucciolo. a new and original design, the t2, was introduced in 1948 and though it was similar to the original it was improved all round. a sports version was added, which could reach a top speed of 60 kmh. in the first 2 years an average of 240 units a day were produced. in 1948 ducati designed a new engine, the t3, with 3 gears and a grease-lubricated valve gear enclosed in a case. a new tubular frame with rear suspension was added in 1949. the sports version introduced in 1950 had a 65cc capacity, swinging-arm, and telescopic shock absorbers.
1955 ducati cucciolo talbot cyclomoteur
ducati cucciolo talbot cyclomoteur 1955
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