Honda CB1000 Gallery

1983 honda cb100 custom
honda cb100 custom 1983
air cooled, transverse four cylinder, four stroke, dohc 89bhp @ 8000rpm 5 speed disc brakes 276kg 122mph 47mpg
Honda CB1000 Custom
Honda CB1000 Custom
1993 honda cb 1000 super four
honda cb 1000 super four 1993
the retro superbikes are designed to appeal to those who are old enough to remember unfaired muscle-bikes the first time round - those who rode bikes in the '70s and who aren't now limber enough to squeeze themselves aboard a state-of-the-art race-replica. the born-again biker is the target market for these bikes, and one of the best examples of these retro machines is the honda cb1000. using a de-tuned engine from a honda cbr1000f, the cb1000 harks back to the days of the cb1100 and the cb900. the water-cooled, double overhead cam, 16-valve, in-line four cylinder engine is a far cry from the air-cooled eight-valve engines of the '70s, but it is the focal point of this superbike. pumping out loobhp at 8500rpm the cb1000 has a top speed of around 140mph. the engine is capable of producing a lot more power than it actually does, but honda have tuned it for low and mid-range output, and brute acceleration, rather than top speed. this is because without a fairing on it, the cb1000 is a struggle to ride at speeds over 120mph. so it might as well be tuned for eyeball-popping acceleration instead. please e-mail the webmaster if you have a picture worth adding