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Honda NS250R
1984 Honda NS250R
The NS250R MC11 was introduced in 1985 and was the leading edge design destined to be the ultimate configuration for a twin cylinder 2-stroke motorcycle. It sported both an aluminium frame and swingarm, unheard of on a road-bike in it's day, along with Honda's trendy Astralight wheels. The engine for the NS was closely based on the same design as the factory works machines, again Honda used the ATAC system similar to the MVX, but had now introduced a nickel-silicone carbide (Nikasil) coating on the cylinders for reduced friction and greater wear resistance.
1985 honda ns250r mc11
honda ns250r mc11 1985
the ns250r's design and styling was taken directly from the works rs250r's of that era, a bike that was cleaning up in gp's and eventually allowed freddie spencer to win both the 250 and 500 world gp titles in the same season!
Honda NS 250R Naked
1985 Honda NS 250R Naked
Honda NS 250R Rothmans Rep
1985 Honda NS 250R Rothmans Rep
The NS250R is a flawed gem. On a racetrack or the right road, it sparkles but on the average street, it has all the glitter of a fouled sparkplug.
Honda NS250R MC11
1985 Honda NS250R MC11
The NS250R's design and styling was taken directly from the works RS250R's of that era, a bike that was cleaning up in GP's and eventually allowed Freddie Spencer to win both the 250 and 500 World GP titles in the same season!
Honda NSR 250R
1987 Honda NSR 250R
The NSR 250 debuted on October 1st 1986 as a 1987 model in Japan for 559,000 Japanese Yen, dubbed the MC16 by the factory. It replaced the older NS 250 R that was getting out dated. Honda was winning with it's NSR racers so Honda released a replica version for the street. It was almost a complete replica of the factory racers. It was lightweight and quick. The engine was basically a NSR500 racer engine cut in half. The first year NSR250's were the only 250 NSR's to have three spoke wheels. Available colors were fighting red and white at first until the release of the Terra colors in blue and white that went on sale in March of 1987. It was an amazing machine in it's day with nimble handling and awesome acceleration.
Honda NSR 250R-SP Rothmans Rep
1988 Honda NSR 250R-SP Rothmans Rep
Honda NSR250
1988 Honda NSR250
Japanese import.
Honda NSR250R
1988 Honda NSR250R
Honda NSR 250R
1989 Honda NSR 250R
The 1989 NSR model went on sale February 10, 1989 for 608,000 Yen. The NSR was again updated but still classified a MC18 in Japan. Version 2 or the R5K for the standard R type NSR's, This time the all new MC18 got new bodywork, higher set silencers, new rear suspension, revised PGM II intake system, wider radial tires and for the third straight year saw the same fighting red and white colors, along with Terra blue colors and a slight variation with the red accented seat cowl. New colors in Black and gun metal grey debuted as well. Due to a large number of traffic accidents involving motorcycles. All NSR250's were speed restricted from 1989. The option of the SP with lighter magnesium wheels, newly introduced dry clutch and all new colors was available for the price of 689,000 Yen.
Honda NSR 250SP
1990-92 Honda NSR 250SP
In 1991 Honda released a new model of the NSR. It was called the SE and now there were three types of models for sale. The standard model was plainly called the 250R model. It was available in only black with grey and silver accents. The R type was priced at 620,000 Yen and did not include the extra options as the SE and SP models. It was a lower cost alternative to the more expensive models and some people didn't care for the noisy chatter of the dry clutch. This was the first year for the SE (Super Edition) model. It was available in only one color of fighting red/white with blue and green distinguishing it from the regular R type model. The SE was priced higher at 660,000 Yen. The SE was made available because of the high price and scarceness of the SP.
Honda NSR250SP
1990 Honda NSR250SP
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Honda NSR 250R
1991 Honda NSR 250R
Honda NSR 250R
1992 Honda NSR 250R
The 1992 NSR there were no major changes but there were all new colors. The standard R type was still priced at 620,000 Yen and the new colors were Ross white and real blue with orange accents and the green markings on the seat cowl that was becoming famous with NSR's. The SE was still part of the 1992 lineup and this time two different colors were available in fighting red and Ross white with blue accents and the green marked seat cowl.
Honda NSR 250SE
1992-93 Honda NSR 250SE
Honda NSR 250SP Rothmans Rep
1992 Honda NSR 250SP Rothmans Rep
The other colors for the SE were in black and fighting red with silver accents and of course the green marked seat cowl. SE NSR's were marked differently than standard NSR's and were unchanged in price from the previous year SE models of 660,000 Yen. Honda brought back the Rothmans colored NSR SP models for 1992 with all the extras as the previous year SP. These second generation Rothmans colored NSR's were limited to a production run of 1,500 units and were priced at 770,000 Yen. These SP bikes hold there value very well due to the limited number
Honda NSR 250R
1994 Honda NSR 250R
The 1994 NSR MC28 model NSR went on sale in Japan as a 1994 model. It was completely different than previous models and changed peoples thinking about two stroke technology. The new Proarm NSR's as they became known in Japan were the ultimate 250 bike for the street. They had PGM IV technology which allowed more accurate control of the carbs, smooth operation and perfect driving manners unlike past two stroke bikes. The all new Memory card replaced the standard key and made de-restricting the bikes very difficult.
Honda NSR 250R-SP
1995 Honda NSR 250R-SP
The 1995 NSR SP changed it's colors to the HRC tri-colors with carbon fiber like stickers and it's high grip Michelin tires to celebrate Mick Doohan's 1994 GP 500 Championship. There are only a few of these bikes around as Honda again limited these bikes to a brief production run of 1,500. Therefore they hold there value strongly too. In 1996 there were no mechanical changes for the NSR's only new colors for the new models. The standard R model was discontinued and now there were only two types available.
Honda NSR 250R-SP Repsol Rep
1996 Honda NSR 250R-SP Repsol Rep
These wonderful Repsol SP bikes were limited to only 1,000 bikes so getting your hands on one is probably a good investment if you can find one for sale. These SP bikes were priced at 800,000 Yen due to there pricey and light weight wheels in black. NSR's were still selling for 1997 and 1998 but they were loosing popularity. The racer replica boom was coming to an end with younger people preferring American style cruisers or cafe racers in Japan. Sales for the NSR's were down and newly introduced laws in Japan that restricted current two stroke emissions led to Honda canceling the NSR for street sales. Who knows what could have been had Honda continued with the NSR. One of the greatest racing bikes in all of history.
Honda NSR250 SE
1997 Honda NSR250 SE