Phillips Classic Mopeds

1955 phillips motorised cyclemotor
phillips motorised cyclemotor 1955
1956 phillips gadabout moped
phillips gadabout moped 1956
1958 phillips panda
phillips panda 1958
1959 phillips moped
phillips moped 1959
better known as cycle manufacturer, philips like raleigh, recognised the potential of the moped as a natural extension of their product range. the first model was introduced during 1954 as a clip-on power unit and was followed in 1956 by the two speed p39 gadabout and in 1959 by the single speed p40 panda and the p50 gadabout deluxe with a three speed gearbox. image provided by
1959 phillips panda moped mk1
phillips panda moped mk1 1959
1960s phillips panda
phillips panda 1960
the single-speed panda mark 1 & 2 utilised what probably became the last manufacturing installation of the 49cc german rex cyclemotor engine which first appeared around 1950 in the form of a front mounted belt driven cycle attachment, the strong but basic panda frame being specifically built to house the motor. the rex engine at 6:1 compression has no bhp given but carries a 12-millimetre bing carburettor to the aluminium barrel with sleeve liner in conventional fore & aft porting layout. the crankcase cavity unusually extends all the way to the back of the motor to include lubrication of the reduction gear and its bearings by the induction gases! this results in a reduced scavenge pressure. mounted on the end of the output shaft with the sprocket inboard, the tiny 2½ rex dry clutch is a particularly frail pull-operated device and typically responsible for the final demise of most machines.
1962 phillips panda 49cc moped
phillips panda 49cc moped 1962