Seeley Classic Bikes

seeley mk 2 matchless g50
seeley mk 2 matchless g50
ceriani gp 35mm magnesium forks with adjustable damping, dick hunt yokes, maxton adjustable rear units, fontana 210mm 4ls front brake, dick hunt manx rear wheel, tt industries magnesium 6 speed gearbox, neb lightweight clutch. std bore / stroke engine with neb lightweight crank , neb titanium con-rod, newby camshaft, cosworth piston,nicaseal cylinder, , twin plug head, interspan ignition, krober r/c, gardner 41mm carb, special exhaust.
1976 seeley honda
seeley honda 1976
1994 seeley g50 mk2 replica
seeley g50 mk2 replica 1994
2004 seeley g50 mk2 beale replica
seeley g50 mk2 beale replica 2004
this example was built by george beale during 2004 for the scottish champion tim miller. it is fitted with high power 92mm beale g50 engine fitted with an amal concentric mk2 carburettor. drive is taken to the back wheel via a six speed quaife gearbox cluster housed in a magnesium gearbox casing. the lightweight frame is fitted with ceriani forks and a fontana four leading shoe, 210 mm front brake and a 180mm rear brake. the fuel tank and seat unit are to george beale's own design. image provided by