Yamaha V-Max Gallery

1984 yamaha v-max
yamaha v-max 1984
liquid cooled, four stroke, v-four, dohc, 4 valve per cylinder.
1985 yamaha v-max
yamaha v-max 1985
full power model, us import.
1988 yamaha v-max
yamaha v-max 1988
1989 yamaha v-max
yamaha v-max 1989
one of motorcycling's legendary names, the v-max has become a byword for explosive acceleration and power. first launched in the usa in 1984 (it wasn't officially imported to britain until 1991) the v-max quickly established a reputation for scary power, and equally scary handling. the engine had immense power and torque, more than sufficient to overcome the chassis and brakes. the engine is a transverse v-four, 16-valve, liquid-cooled design, with a unique intake system. over 6000rpm, valves open in the inlet manifold, allowing each cylinder to breathe through two carburettors rather than one. this 'v-boost' system supplies an extra burst of power and torque, transforming the v-max into a screaming drag-racer, and boosting the maximum power to 104kw (140bhp), amazing performance for an early 1980s design.
1993 yamaha v-max
yamaha v-max 1993
liquid cooled, four stroke, v-four, dohc, 4 valve per cylinder.
1999 yamaha v-max 1200
yamaha v-max 1200 1999
a small manifold-type connecting passage links each pair of left and right carburetors. a butterfly valve in the center of the passage remains closed below 6.000rpm, and each cylinder fills normally through a single 35mm carb. the magic begins at 6.000rpm, when the microprocessor-controlled servomotor begins to open the butterfly valve until its fully open at 8.000rpm. v-boost simply forces one cylinder to fill with a mix from 2 carbs. this simple supercharging effect is seen clearly on the dyno, where the vmax power curve literally gets a second wind. it catches the motor right at its torque peak and carries it all the way to its 113.5 rearwheel hp peak.
2005 yamaha v-max
yamaha v-max 2005