Classic Motorcycle Festival

Classic Motorcycle Festival, presented by XFX

On display and demonstrating round the circuit at the Festival last year we had bikes all the way from a Brooklands Triumph twin through to a Moto2 bike and two MotoGP Ducati’s. Not only that we had four of the most exotic GP racing machines ever made on track at the same time which is something that not even Honda managed. Yes four 6 cylinder Hondas circulating together produced the most amazing sound which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone at Donington last year.

This year we will again have a great range of historic racing bikes from all of bike racing history from GP bikes, Superbikes, two strokes, four strokes, multi cylinder, single cylinder – you name it and it should be represented. Already booked is Sammy Millar with bikes from his famous Museum amongst which will be a 500 GP Konig similar to the won raced so successfully by Kim Newcombe. We will again have Honda 6’s running and circulating Donington circuit and at least one MotoGP bike. Team Collins and Russell Kawasaki will coming along for the first time bringing amongst other historic racing machines the ex Hurley Wilvert Kawasaki H2R two stroke triple. Again an FTR Moto2 bike will join in plus around sixty other proper racing bikes.

Kevin SchwantzAs well as all this there will be over 40 CRMC Championship races, Lansdowne Series races, ACU Championship Classic races and the Wheatcroft Trophy race. A new award for 2014 will be the Robert Fearnall Trophy which will be decided by a star panel and go to the person / team who best exemplifies the Spirit of the Festival. Classic post WW2 to 1986 solos from 125cc to 1300cc with all the usual makes (BSA, Norton, AJS, Matchless, Triumph, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha) and the ever spectacular sidecars all racing hard and fast.

Add in the Classic Bike Clubs Show, grass track racing, trials, Battle of Britain Flight flypast and ‘taxi’ sidecar passenger rides on Saturday evening (plus other attractions in the pipeline) and we have one of the great Classic Motorcycle Festivals.

Special Guest – Kevin Schwantz

Schwantz, a long-time Suzuki legend, won a number of Grand Prix on Donington Park’s world-famous track, and is especially looking forward to returning to ride at the scene of so many great victories.

Speaking ahead of his visit, Kevin said: “I am really looking forward to going to ride at the 2014 Classic Motorcycle Festival at Donington Park. Donington is a place where I’ve won so many Grand Prix and Transatlantic Match races, and I have great memories of racing there. It goes without saying that it holds a very special place in my heart, as do all the English fans.”