Silverstone Classic Bike Line-up

Completing the Silverstone Classic Bike Line-up

Silverstone Classic Bike Line-upThe full line-up of World GP Bike Legends has been confirmed for this month’s outstanding showcase at the Silverstone Classic (28-30 July), with two sons of famous fathers plus two former GP 500cc stars completing the sparkling bill.

Freddie Sheene (below top right) and Remy Gardner (below middle row) were both born with racing idols as their fathers – and both are now gearing up to join the stunning WGPBL cast.

Back in the seventies, Freddie’s colourful dad Barry Sheene (below top left) was a double world champion and entertained the world with his larger-than-life persona.

Remy’s bloodline is equally distinguished – his celebrated father, Wayne Gardner, won the coveted 500cc crown in 1987 and, today, is a WGPBL ambassador.

Boasting such high-octane lineage, it is no surprise that both speed-loving young progenies have followed in their fathers’ wheeltracks. By his own admission, Freddie has been racing ‘for fun’ while Remy’s ambitions are rather more serious. He’s currently competing in the Moto2 World Championship category and is hoping to emulate his title-winning father in the not-too-distant future.

In the meantime, Freddie and Remy will be revving up with some of the greatest names in bike racing history. Legends previously confirmed are ‘Fast’ Freddie Spencer, Wayne Gardner, Steve Parrish, Maria Costello, Phil Read and Niall Mackenzie. The roster will be completed by two more renowned GP riders from yesteryear: Didier de Radiguès (below bottom left) and Niggi Schmassmann.

All will be wowing crowds on Saturday with some dramatic high-speed demo laps on the full Silverstone Grand Prix circuit, riding a combination of fiery 500cc two-strokes from the sport’s glory days and new Yamaha YZF-R1s painted in evocative period liveries.

As well as these exciting demonstrations, festival-goers will be able to meet the legendary riders and see their Incredible machines up close. World GP Bike Legends will be based adjacent to the Ace Café in the National Paddock, where all ten legends will be available for autograph and selfie sessions with fans.

Everyone will be able to meet and greet their heroes, as all tickets to the Silverstone Classic – which must be purchased in advance – includes free access to racing paddocks as well as trackside grandstands, live music concerts on Friday and Saturday evenings plus a host of other great family entertainment.

Adding to the amusement, Gardner, Spencer, Parrish and Costello will also be representing a Bike Legends team in the star-studded Celebrity Car Challenge Trophy race on Saturday – a showdown featuring a stunning grid of famous faces from sport, music, TV and showbiz all racing equally-matched Austin A30s and A35s.

“It promises to be another fabulous weekend for the World GP Bike Legends, and we are particularly delighted that Freddie and Remy will be part of this year’s show,” enthused Wayne Gardner. “Freddie’s presence will be really special as he will be honouring the 40th anniversary of his father’s 1977 World GP500 title and, of course Barry’s many memorable races at Silverstone. No-one will ever forget the duel he had with Kenny Roberts back in 1979 – not least for when Barry gave Kenny the infamous v-sign behind his back!”