Cracking day at the Newark Autojumble

Newark AutojumbleThe Classic Motorbikes Net van rolled into the autojumble  a full half an hour before daylight appeared over the Newark show ground. The beauty of a good jumble is proceedings are well underway before the public show up. Deals were being struck by torchlight whilst those more cautious buyers looked on. By 8am the jumble was in full swing, a majority of the trading goes on well before the public have digested their Weetabix and headed out on the A1/A46.

Newark jumble gets a lot of flack, people moaning about paying to go to a boot sale, then again folk like to moan about most things. It’s much more than just a boot sale.

The social side is great, chatting to stall holders can often lead to learning a thing or two, especially from those who specialise in a certain make or model. Banter is never far away, the dying art of taking the piddle.

AutojumbleWith the public flocking in, by mid morning it was pretty busy. Newark is more than just an autojumble, it’s a great excuse to catch up with old mates and make new ones. The social side is massively overlooked and under promoted by the event organisers. Yes, the food is expensive, so take a packed lunch, it’s not rocket science. The variety of parts and bikes available is vast, I saw everything from classic British bikes worth thousands to rusty wrecks for pocket money prices. Adding to our trip we took a van full of bike bits, chucked it all out and sold well over half of it. We also found a few deals that we’ll tell you about in the next Scabby to Slabby article. By 1pm we were heading south on the A1 and back in time for lunch.

Newark Autojumble Newark Autojumble Newark Autojumble Newark Autojumble

Newark Autojumble Newark Autojumble