Diamondbrite aftercare products - made in the UK

Degrease with Diamondbrite

Diamondbrite Degreaser strips built-up oil and grease from a multitude of bike parts, including wheels, chain and sprocket, for quick and easy cleaning.

Grease, oil, chain lube and general road grime can be amongst the most stubborn contaminants to remove from a motorcycle, and act like a magnet for dirt and dust particles.

Specially formulated to be tough on grease but gentle on the variety of metals and other surfaces found on motorcycles, Diamondbrite Degreaser takes off lubricants – and the dirt they attract – without the need for scrubbing; it will even tackle stubborn chain lube residue found around the back wheel.

Degrease with DiamondbriteQuick and easy to apply, it uses a spray-on-rinse-off formula, so there is no need for brushes and sponges or complicated pre-treatments. Once it’s done its job, it simply washes away, leaving all parts completely clean and ready for the re-application of lubricants where necessary.

Diamondbrite Degreaser comes in a 500ml spray bottle for easy application and is priced £9.95 including VAT.

It’s part of the complete range of Diamondbrite motorcycle specific aftercare products, which are all meticulously blended and bottled within the company’s ISO accredited UK factory.

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