Triumph T300 cafe racer

Despair Shop 34 – The Final Countdown

Triumph T300 cafe racer indicatorsThe indicators for the Triumph T300 cafe racer arrived, they are the cheapest crap I have ever seen but they actually look like I wanted them to so they will do until I can find some similar but better quality.

I made new headlight mounts for the front – when I first made them I was not sure if I was going to fit indicators or not, in the end I decided that as all the wiring was there and I found some I liked I would go ahead and do the deed. I made a simple bracket for the rear ones – it bolts on to the existing number plate bracket. The front ones just required a pair of 10mm holes drilled in to the new brackets. I could now finalise all the wiring and hide the mess in the headlamp bowl.

custom bike fuel tap arrangementThe next big task was to sort out a fuel tap arrangement – as I said in episode 31. I had already identified that I couldn’t use a standard Triumph item and they are like hen’s teeth now and a unique size, just to compound the aggravation.

I used a similar item to that used on the junkyard dog project and fabricated a fitting for it so it would bolt up to the standard Triumph tank outlet, I am very pleased with it, it looks right and works right.

While I was at it I made the rear tank support shown in the photo – I had kind of forgotten about it and realised when I went to fit it that there was only gravity holding it at the back – a definite MoT failure and not the sort of job I would put my name to. I am happy with it now, it sits perfectly and is rock steady, safe and looks good.

It was all going splendidly until I offered it up to the bike and found it was snagging the side panel slightly. I took 10mm off the top return from the panel and now it’s all fine and dandy.

Triumph T300 cafe racer front mudguardSo, that’s it for that area, now it’s on t the sodding front mudguard. I had various ones in stock that were all rejected for one reason or another and then I remembered a bit of aluminium guttering that had been bent in to the right sort of shape – I knew I had seen it in the workshop somewhere so went off and hunted it down. I cut it to the right length, rounded the front off and decided I was definitely going with it all I had to do was make a bracket – a simple ½ hour job that took all bastard bloody day! I didn’t enjoy it really, it kept going wrong and getting it how I wanted was more of a challenge than I expected – it didn’t help that I decided to do it on a Sunday and was limited in my choice of materials and access to shops. I am pleased with what I ended up with, it doubles up as a side light mount – it will have two high intensity LED’s mounted in it.

Just a quick word on LED’s the law has recently changed to stoop people using mega bright illegal LED’s that have become readily available. The law basically says that if your vehicle was not originally fitted with LED’s from manufacture they are an MoT failure. Fortunately this does not apply to lights other than headlights – at least not yet. If that changes I guess I will have to have a rethink.

Article provided by David Powell of Boston Bike Bits.

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