Diamonds are a bike’s best friend

Diamondbrite Motorcycle Pro sealant Wash your bike less often and keep painted parts in showroom condition with Diamondbrite Motorcycle Pro sealant – the first fully-guaranteed flourocarbon polymer paint protection system specifically for motorcycles.

Ideal for commuters and other riders who don’t have an opportunity to wash their bike regularly, Diamondbrite is typically applied by the dealer when a new bike is purchased. However, it can also be professionally applied to custom bikes and restoration projects that have recently been repainted for a paintshop fresh finish.

Already well established in the car market, Diamondbrite Pro has been re-formulated for motorcycle bodywork at its UK production plant, so that one professional application will form a tough, high-gloss barrier on painted surfaces. Shielding bodywork from pollutants, it reduces the risk of fading and oxidisation caused by road grime and salt, bird droppings, ‘bug splat’ and other corrosive pollutants. Once applied, riders no longer need to worry about washing off contaminants after every ride.

Diamondbrite Diamondbrite also makes cleaning easier – dirt and grime won’t stick to the high gloss finish – and removes the need for waxing and polishing, since the coating preserves the new-bike shine. The only aftercare required is an occasional application of Diamondbrite Pro Preserve, a spray-on/wash-off solution, to maintain the integrity of the Pro paint protection. Laboratory testing shows that it reduces the need to wash painted parts by as much as 50%.

Diamondbrite needs to be professionally applied by a trained and approved dealer and is covered by a 3 year guarantee against etching, fading or pitting, for complete peace of mind. It can be applied to new or used motorcycles and prices typically start at £150-, including an After Care Kit that contains a selection of products to clean, sanitise, refresh, protect and polish key parts of the bike and riding kit.

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