Wunderlich Easy Park

Easy parking with Wunderlich

The Easy Park from Wunderlich makes light work of moving, parking and positioning heavy bikes – ideal for small spaces and those with multiple bikes to manoeuvre.
The Easy Park allows you to shift a bike while it’s parked on the centre stand. You can move the machine in any direction and rotate it through 360 degrees, making positioning in tight garages and sheds easier, freeing up floor space and allowing access to other vehicles.

It’s also great for winter storage of bikes, enabling them to be tucked close to a wall or in the corner out of the way, and then easily retrieved come spring time.

Built to last, the Easy Park is made from 9mm thick galvanized steel plate and has four ball-bearing, twin casters that can be locked in position.

The platform is large enough to take the centre stand of most machines comfortably, and has a slip-resistant rubber mat on the top surface.

The Easy Park from Wunderlich


Ground clearance is also adjustable, to help tailor the Easy Park to the bike and the surface on which it is positioned.

Wunderlich’s Easy Park comes in two sizes:

Medium: suitable for any bike with a centre stand weighing 700 Lbs (320 kilos) or less, priced £139-; and Large: for bikes weighing 8

80 Lbs (400 kilos) or less, priced £159-.

For more information, contact Wunderlich’s exclusive UK partner nippynormans.com.