European Classic Series – A decisive final at Motorland Aragon

European Classic SeriesThis weekend the Motorland Aragon circuit will be welcoming the final round of the European Classic Series. It promises to be a pretty close final!

Since its creation in 2013, the European Classic Series has always experienced final rounds riddled with suspense, with the rankings being so close prior to the final round. This 2015 season will not escape the tradition. Top of the rankings, with 26 points, we have the Dutchmen of the Roadrunner Team (Van der Mark-Brand, Suzuki), who put in two excellent fourth places at le Castellet and at Spa. In 2nd and 3rd, tied on 25 points, the Belgians of Team Force (Hubin-Fastré, Suzuki), reigning European champions and winners at Castellet and the Germans of the Kaiser Classic Endurance Team (Kaiser-Steinmacher-Pfautsch, Kawasaki), winners at Spa.

Behind this leading trio the ranks are pretty tight also: the Frenchman of the Moto Bel’ team (Charles-Artigues-Sleurs, Moto Guzzi) have presently clocked up 23 points and have called on the services of the Italian Samuele Sardi to reinforce the team during this third round. Just behind, the two English Sweatshop Phase One teams (Suzuki) both have 20 points and could well claim the top rung of the podium which they had done in the 2013 season. Who from the Mertens-Simpson team or the Brasher-Linden duo will bring home the most points allowing the team of the nice Lida to find themselves at the top of the bill?

In Classic 1000, the Scuderia Officine Toscane (Bellucci-Zaccarelli, Segoni Special), holders of the title in the first two seasons as also winners of the two first rounds will also be defending their title ahead of the Frenchman of AML Racing (Weber-D’Imbleval) and the Germans of the Autohaus Sellmann team (Sellmann-Ludwig-Basse).

In 750 TT, the Germans of the Capelli Belli team (Struck-Sieg-Bohmhauer) will be joined by the Spaniards of Nanchy 350 (Del Mar Acebes Herranz-Ortiz de Lanzagorta-Moran).
One thing is for sure, the race promises to be thrilling under the Aragon sun!