European Classic Series

European Classic Series – Nothing is decided yet!

After the 4 Hours of Spa Classic, we thought the ranking would have been clearer in de different categories, but it turned out quite the contrary.

Two out of the three categories are still undecided as the last round of this European endurance championship approaches. The race of 25, 26 and 27 October on the track of Aragon will be both important and decisive. Only the 750 title is already decided : thanks to the double victory of Peppo Racing Team, represented by Sandro Baumann and Roberto Germann. The Swiss riders cannot be beaten by Blue Flag Racing Team anymore, even if they have to abandon. In the two other categories, the contestants still fight for the title.

In the Maxi Classic category, not less than five teams are still in for the crown while in the Classic 1000cc category, seven teams share the same dreams.

In this last category, the team that won in Imola, the Scuderia Officine Toscane and the one that won in Francorchamps, the Van Dijk Laverda, share the leadership. But the efforts of the Germans of Bongard Racing in Italy and Belgium allow this team to be very close, at just one little point. Then there are the Frenchmen of the Dudu Team and the Germans of T5Net who thanks to their second place, are just five points behind the leaders. Top that with the Belgians of GRT Performance and the Italians of Team Carlains, who follow closely, and you can easily say that the last word hasn’t been spoken yet.

The same situation in the Maxi Classic category. Here also, two teams share the leadership. The Englishmen of Sweatshop Phase One and the Frenchmen of Alf’s Classic Endurance have the same amount of points, both having finished once first and once second. The abandon of Team Moto Bel’ at Spa weighs heavy on the French winners of the Imola round. Even if they succeed in winning once again, the title will still depend on the results of their immediate rivals. Just like the Kaiser Classic Endurance team, who finished fourth in Francorchamps, they don’t hold their faith in their own hands anymore.