Facelift for Watsonian's oldest sidecar

Facelift for Watsonian’s oldest sidecar

First seen in 1946, Watsonian’s lightweight Prescott sidecar has been given a new body shell for its 75th birthday.

Initially made using a batch of surplus RAF Mosquito reserve fuel tanks, subsequent versions were produced in fibreglass, using a mould taken from one of the original spun plywood body shells

To give the Prescott a new lease of life, Watsonian redesigned the sidecar body, so that its complex shape can be moulded in two halves. This speeds up the production process – because results are more consistent and require less finishing by hand – and gives it a distinctive central crown, running along the length of the body.

It sits on a tubular steel chassis, which is powder-coated for a long-lasting finish. Suspension is provided by a hydraulic unit and the classic 16″ wheel has stainless spokes with a machined Watsonian hub.

The fold-down screen is mounted on a cast aluminium bar in front of the cockpit and the seat tilts forward to provide access to storage space behind. A tonneau cover is included in the price.

Made in the UK to order, prices for the Prescott Sidecar start at £4,495- (including VAT) and Watsonian provide a factory-fitting service if required.

The first updated Prescott to roll off the production line at Watsonian’s Cotswold factory has been fitted to a 1965 Ariel Arrow, using a specially developed sub-frame, to provide secure mounting points. The sidecar chassis has been powder coated to match the Ariel’s frame and the sidecar body has been sprayed to match the motorcycle tank’s distinctive paint.

For information on the range of Watsonian sidecars and fittings call 01386 700907 or visit www.watsonian-squire.com.