Fast Riding The Roberts Way released on DVD

Fast Riding The Roberts Way released on DVD

Fast Riding the Roberts Way on DVDKenny Roberts is a real legend of motorcycle racing, his style and commitment revolutionising Grand Prix racing when he burst onto the scene in the late 1970s. Now you can discover the secrets behind his extraordinary success in the fascinating film Fast Riding The Roberts Way.

Never previously available on DVD, this film takes viewers inside the Kenny Roberts Training Camp to experience the tuition style of ‘King’ Kenny and his Grand Prix colleagues, including Randy Mamola.

Our cameras were there in 1995 when Roberts opened his Training Camp in Spain. Fast Riding The Roberts Way follows five young Malaysian racers as they undertake the intensive month-long course, joining them in the classroom, in the gym and on the dirt track. Viewers will discover expert guidance on fitness, diet, mental attitude, bike control, choosing lines and much more.

This film features unrivalled access to the KRTC programme, plus extensive interviews with Roberts, Mamola and other instructors, offering viewers a unique insight into the Roberts’ formula for success. It also offers a wonderful chance to hear from a true champion, and watch the King in action.

Who better than Kenny Roberts to offer advice on fast riding? When the young Californian burst onto the 500cc World Championship Grand Prix scene in 1978 he revolutionised the sport. Skills learnt while racing on the dirt track ovals of America introduced a new style of bike control, while his combination of natural talent, physical fitness and dedication to practice set new standards.

‘King’ Kenny dominated Grand Prix racing, taking the World Championship at the first attempt, and securing the crown again in 1979 and 1980. He remained a front runner for the rest of his stellar career.

When he quit racing, Roberts turned to team management and soon discovered a calm teaching style which allowed him to pass on the philosophy and techniques which had brought him so much success.

Now you can share the secrets of his success.