First round at Castellet – the timing has been announced

Then there are the powerful teams. For starters the duo Hubin-Fastré, a well melded couple, performing and regular on their Team Force Suzuki; the trio Linden-Brasher-Simpson from team Sweatshop Phase One; the Italians from team Taurus (Cantalupo-Martinez) and the Dutch couple from RoadRunner Team, Dirk Brand and Henk Van Der Mark, the father of Michael, rising star in the World Superbike.

As to the brands that will be represented, there are the four big Japanese manufacturers (with the inevitable Martin, Godier-Genoud and Egli), but also «small Europeans» such as Ducati, Moto Guzzi and BMW. And there are also some original teams, like the 100% female team from Patricia Audebert and Karine Sliz (Kawasaki n°22) or the one with a father and his two sons : John, Sam and Steven Neate from Neate Racing (Honda Magnum MK1 n°17). And let’s not forget the journalist riders, like the Frenchman Zef Enault from (team CB Project n°66) and Thomas Schmieder from Bike Side Classic Endurance (n°76).

The opening round of the European Classic Series will take place on the evening of Saturday the 16th of April on the Paul Ricard track in Castellet. The first free sessions will start on Friday the 15th just past noon, with a possibility of some extra preliminary sessions in the morning. Then there will be the qualifying sessions and the night training sessions, which will take till 21 hours. The official programme will take off on Saturday at 11h50. The start of the 4 hour race will be given at 19h.