Flogged It Friday! Aprilia RSV1000R Ohlins forks.

Flogged It Friday! Aprilia RSV1000R Ohlins forks.

Aprilia RSV1000R Ohlins forksThey look posh.’

Ohlins stuff rarely enters my world. The odd bike arrives wearing an Ohlins steering damper, or maybe a rear shock, but not many end up coming in with Ohlins forks.

Aprilia kitted out their mostly overlooked and almost forgotten Mille with some goodies on the R model. When they reworked the model into the RSVR they kept the formula and invested in quality kit to give it the edge.

By now the world had gone radial and the Ohlins forks on the RSVR had the latest bottoms to accommodate the latest trend.

Aprilia RSV1000R Ohlins forks‘Guess the donor bike wasn’t crashed then?’

Weird one this, it was a main dealer used stock bike that after 500 odd days on their system hadn’t sold. This was mostly down to it having been cast aside and used to give up parts to other RSVR models that came and went, but threw up hiccups like only any Italian bike can.

The strangest bits were missing, mostly electrical items, not that I want to stereotype things for any Aprilia owners. With mint used examples available for less than £4,000 the pilfered RSVR was purchased for a quarter of that.

‘You got your entire outlay back in one go?’Aprilia RSV1000R Ohlins forks

Pretty much, yes. The funky Ohlins forks were advertised both on social media pages and also on eBay.

After a few enquiries a chap from Facebook came forward and paid the asking price. If you need any RSVR stuff, there’s still plenty left!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.