Flogged It Friday! Aprilia RSVR1000 Frame and Engine.

Flogged It Friday! Aprilia RSVR1000 Frame and Engine.

“Where did the rest of it go?”Aprilia RSV1000R Frame and Engine

This bike arrived via a main dealer. It had been on their books for 510 days when they sold it on our way. The bike was once the pride of the showroom, but they had borrowed a few bits to keep an existing customers bike running ages back and then never bothered doing anything about replacing them. Other bits were then recycled to keep warranty claims honoured, it is an Aprilia thing, they do play up.

Aprilia RSV1000R Frame and Engine“You broke it up then?”Aprilia RSV1000R Frame and Engine

Yes. These RSVR1000 models come with genuine Ohlins forks. They pull in a grand easy on their own. Its fate was sealed from the minute it was in the van.

Being an un-crashed bike also meant the bike was undamaged, so all of the choice bits quickly sold very rapidly.

The engine is a pig to get out if you don’t have the right tools, but given typically a frame only makes around a £100, it wasn’t worth buying the proper kit to do the job, plus we couldn’t be arsed.

“Project fodder!”Aprilia RSV1000R Frame and Engine

The frame with a complete engine and swinging arm then sat in the way for 2 months! A price chop to £500 did the job and a punter pulled the trigger and bought it.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.