Flogged it Friday! Aprilia Tuono seat hump.

Flogged it Friday! Aprilia Tuono seat hump.

Aprilia Tuono seat hump“Single seat humps, they always sell.”

Sports bikes look unfinished if they are missing their rear seat cowling. Over the years many of these cowls get detached from the bike and go their own way. The older the bike gets the harder it is to find one, if it’s from a model that came with several colour options, then the search can be trickier.

“Surely someone must be knocking out replica items?”

The Chinese have been busy making full replica body kits for all manner of race reps. If you are old enough to remember trying to fit a stiff fibreglass pattern fairing, that didn’t even arrive with pre drilled holes, then you might wince at the thought of going down this route. Time is a healer, modern versions are so much better! I recently bought a GSX-R1000K5 that had a full Chinese kit fitted, it looked and fitted spot on, all for a fraction of the cost of genuine Suzuki items.Aprilia Tuono seat hump

My long winded explanation is basically me trying to answer my own question. Yes finding a replica seat cowl for many modern bikes is simples.

“What about getting a pattern one for an older bike?”

This is were the puddle gets murky. I recently saw a copy cowl for a RD500LC. If I had a RD500LC, I’d really want the original item! Same with GSX-R oil cooled models. A genuine Slingshot seat hump (that fits both the 750 & 1100) is now easily a £150 item if it’s got the all important bum pad too. I speak from experience having sold a few that came my way last year.

This cowl is for an old Aprilia from the turn of the millennium. The Tuono 1000 models are now firmly emerging classics, so I had to price this genuine seat hump accordingly.

Aprilia Tuono seat hump“What did it make?”

Having searched, and found at time of listing that there wasn’t one for sale on eBay, I went in top heavy at £150.

That was based on it being in excellent condition. After a few days I had a number of watchers, so took advantage of the option to send them a direct offer. I went in at £125 and within minutes the Tuono seat hump slid into my ‘get ready for dispatch’ items.



Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.