Flogged It Friday! Bimota SB6 Headlights.

Flogged It Friday! Bimota SB6 Headlights.

‘They are a bit posh for you!’Bimota SB6 Headlights

Agreed. No, sadly I haven’t broken a Bimota up for parts, instead this set of unimpressive headlights came in with a job lot of parts that were purchased via another trader that had decided to pack up trading.

So far these are the only Bimota items to present themselves from the daunting tower of heavy duty removal crates that resemble treasure chests.

Bimota SB6 Headlights‘Isn’t the SB6 one of the better Bimota offerings?’

Define better? If you mean was it better built than the run of the mill Suzuki etc, then yes I guess so.

The SB6 quickly became the SB6R and these cheapo headlights were then replaced with a Yamaha unit used on several FZR models.

In my opinion the twin lamps look much better!

‘They must be worth bundles?’Bimota SB6 Headlights

No, is the answer to that. It would not surprise me if these headlights are identical to some used on a scooter back in the day. They felt cheap and nasty, and it wasn’t until I Googled the part number that I realised what they were.

I went to market at £50, and closed a deal at £40.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.