BMW Paddock Stand

Flogged It Friday! BMW Paddock Stand.

Flogged It Friday! BMW Paddock Stand.

‘That looks industrial!’BMW Paddock Stand

German innit! They build things to last. This heavy duty item is a genuine factory part and even boasts its own part number.

It is designed to fit the funky looking R1200C, a bike that I can’t even remember seeing in real life. With that in mind I had low hopes of flogging it.

BMW Paddock Stand“What was it worth?”

I had no idea of how to price it. I checked sold items on a well known online auction site and that gave me a clue to its value. There was only one showing sold and it had made much, much more than I had imagined!

“How much did you get?”BMW Paddock Stand

It sold for £200.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.