BMW R1100S Throttle Bodies

Flogged it Friday! BMW R1100S Throttle Bodies.

Flogged it Friday! BMW R1100S Throttle Bodies.

‘When did you start breaking BMW bikes?’BMW R1100S Throttle Bodies

The backbone of what I’ve done for 30 years is to break up old Japanese bikes for parts. Every so often something that wasn’t born in the land of the rising sun presents itself for breaking. This can be anything from a Hinkley Triumph to a Born in the USA Harley or even the odd Buell. More often though, it is some eurotrash that gets wheeled out of the van and onto the bench.

Ducati bikes are welcomed, they always break well, less exciting are BMW bikes.

BMW R1100S Throttle Bodies‘Bet the BMW customers are a tough audience to please.’

Yes! I actively avoid them if I am being honest. They tend to have high expectations of what a used part should look like. Thankfully though, most shitty BMW bikes that come to the yard now just get offered straight back out to mostly wannabe café racer builders!

Recently I took on 75 large crates of mixed used parts, sadly there were around a dozen brimming with BMW stuff! Parts ranged from brakes, electrics, engine bits and these throttle bodies.

There were also lots of bits of plastics and panels, most of which went straight in the Biffa bin.

‘Do these wear out then?’BMW R1100S Throttle Bodies

Unlike a set of carbs that make decent money and always sell quickly, your typical throttle body set up doesn’t do either. These made £25 after being advertised for an age! Barely worth the effort now I think about it. 

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.