Flogged it Friday! Ducati assorted clutch and brake levers.

Flogged it Friday! Ducati assorted clutch and brake levers.

“That is a lot of levers.”Ducati assorted clutch and brake levers

I listed 40, pretty sure there was well over that! It is called managing customer expectations, after all who doesn’t like a few extra than you thought you were getting?

“Why so many?”

These were part of a main dealer workshop clearance. The levers were all good used items, all disregarded and tossed aside in favour of posher aftermarket items. Mostly from late Ducati models, 1098, 848, Monster etc. In my book a lever is just a lever so long as it isn’t bent, it will do for me.

To others the lever is an easy target to upgrade and with no shortage of alternatives for sale it is a popular if not daft mod to make.

Ducati assorted clutch and brake levers“What is with the job lot bundle angle?”

Time mostly. If I was to examine each lever then work out what model it fitted etc, it would easily soak up several hours. Then by the time they are photographed and listed you add another dollop of time for all that!

Instead I went for the bundle sale!

I went in a bit to spicy at first, with a £150 price tag. Within a week I had trimmed this down to a more legit £100 asking price. Bingo! Deal done. 

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.