Flogged it Friday! Ducati Crank Cases.

Flogged it Friday! Ducati Crank Cases.

“Ducati stuff is always expensive isn’t it?”Ducati Crank Cases

No, not always. I recently had a mountain of used Ducati engine parts come my way. There was everything from cranks, heads and cams to clutch baskets and gearbox parts.

Some of it went straight out the door. The most popular were the air cooled 900SS and 600SS bits along with 916 goodies. Then there was the low value bits like these crank cases.

Ducati Crank Cases“How many sets did you have?”

There was a dozen at least. Slowly over the months they have crept out of the door. Last count there was only four sets left! Actually now three, after this set of Multistrada 1100 ones sold on eBay.

“Did they make a fortune?”Ducati Crank Cases

No. £45.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.