Flogged It Friday! Ducati Diavel Forks.

Flogged It Friday! Ducati Diavel Forks.

“They look new!”Ducati Diavel forks

They might look new, but they are not ready for action. These came in a job lot clear out and for some reason they came from a bike that had been fitted with a different set.

One leg is all complete and virtually free from marks, the other leg looks like it was being made ready for a repair that never happened.

Ducati Diavel forks“History unknown.”

Buying job lots is fun! It is also a major strain on ones knowledge. Going through a van full with mismatched parts, trying to identify the bike of origin, soaks up time.

Then you need to examine the items to see if they are any use or not. That said, not much gets thrown away!

“Straight to market.”Ducati Diavel forks

Despite not being in full working order, they are a great source for parts or could be made good again. They made £150 and sold within a day! Maybe I was too cheap!

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.