Flogged it Friday! Dymag race rear wheel.

Flogged it Friday! Dymag race rear wheel.

“Where did that Dymag come from?”Dymag race rear wheel

We’ve all done it, one minute we are surfing through eBay looking at stuff we never knew that we even needed, the next minute you’ve hit the button and entered into an impulsive online transaction.

That’s exactly what I did last year during the first lockdown and I ended up with a Covid safe delivery on my doorstep a few mornings later. Between committing to buy and the delivery I had managed to forget about even buying it! A sure sign that this purchase was born out of boredom and not necessity.

Dymag race rear wheel“Why you being so shady? Dymag’s are cooler than Penguin’s piss.”

Dymag wheels have been around for decades. Back in the 70s their classic H section 3 spoke wheel was the go to wheel for all of the serious racers and their teams. Over the years, those skinny 18 inch rims gave way to fat 17 inch wheels and then the motorcycle racing wheel got reinvented again! This is one of those odd bod 16.5 inch wheels. Unlike previous trends that start on the track and then filter down to your average over the counter motorbike, the 16.5 inch hoop never made that transition to the streets.

Which means finding road legal tyres (in fact any tyres) is a bit of an issue.

“What’s it worth then?”Dymag race rear wheel

Not a lot is the short answer. I advertised this Dymag months ago, starting off at £150 because it was in great condition and came with a disc and the sprocket assembly. There was even a tyre that was past its best, but would have been ok for static display purposes. I had zero interest. I had not choice therefore, but to chip away at the asking price until I landed a buyer.

I ended up down at £100 after a while, and still nobody wanted my misfit Dymag.

In a recent workshop tidy up I dug it out and didn’t want to put it back! So I slashed my price further downwards and at last found a mug, I mean customer. £85 plus some p&p money was the end result.

Article provided by Scottie Redmond

of NTS Bike Breakers.